In this day and age, popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook simply aren’t designed for users to have meaningful and well-articulated discussions. Character limits combined with tribalism are a recipe for toxic discourse.

Who here hasn’t experienced an argument on social media? A ping pong match of wit or stupidity, that quickly evolves to each player taking a full windup and trying to peg the opponent in the eyeball. What is gained from these hot pissing matches besides entrenchment in one’s own opinion and high fives from the mob?

We need a place that allows us to breathe and formulate thought-out, long form responses. We need social media to provide us with a feature that allows us a better medium for argument, one in which we can discover truth, and enlighten those around us in the process. We need Discussions.

Imagine if a user could create a post on Voice and request a response by tagging another Voice user. If the request is answered, the response, formatted just like a regular post (images, headings, etc.), would be attached to the bottom of the original post. What if there was a word minimum, requiring the participants in the Discussion to put a little thought into their argument?

Imagine thought leaders like Larimer and Vitalik having a Discussion. Not only would it be fascinating to read, but Voice users would be using their tokens to Voice their favorite arguments, and the comment section below the Discussion would be going wild.

Let’s take it a step further. Imagine if when a user tagged another user to join a Discussion, they could sweeten the deal by attaching a bounty of Voice tokens. Maybe you’d like a specific community expert’s opinion on a post you’ve created. You tag them to join the discussion, add a little incentive by attaching a 10k Voice token bounty.

Discussions could work both ways. Not only could the author of a post tag a user to join the Discussion, but a user reading a post could request access from the author to join the Discussion.

Because the Voice platform is still in its infancy, it has the incredible potential to grow and succeed in areas where current social media platforms are failing. By providing an atmosphere for meaningful interactions, Discussions is a potential feature that would allow Voice to do just that!

This post is published for Cryptowriter in association with Voice.