recently announced the receivers of its EOS VC Grants Programme. It awarded a total of $1.7 million to 34 projects who received $50k each to continue their pursuits of contributing to the EOSIO ecosystem and helping it grow through innovative products and services. We are honoured to have been chosen among these great projects.

We’re both humbled and proud to be selected as one of the 34 recipients of EOSVC’s first grant program. We look forward to continuing to support the EOSIO ecosystem as we move towards launching Cryptowriter.

Kenny Lienhard (CEO of The Writer Company)

The EOS VC Grant Program was initially announced in mid December of last year with the goal to identify and support active EOSIO community members as well as up-and-coming projects that leverage the EOSIO protocol. Basically, with this $50k grant from these projects have been armed with a sufficient resource to go out and grow their businesses in order to add more value to the ecosystem.

Some of the funded projects include Adnode,, KARMA, NouGit, Outplay Games,, PUML, and shout out to WordProof as well whose timestamp solution we use to protect and verify the authenticity of all our written content. These 34 projects are diverse in their pursuits, operations, and industries they wish to impact and it is without a doubt that leveraging EOSIO will give each one of them an advantage in their industries.

It is also worth noting that none of these projects are accountable to, and the grants do not represent a stake in the companies of these recipients. However, it will be interesting to see which, if not all, of these projects can utilize the funds in order to follow through with what they’ve set out to achieve and possibly even fast tracking their planned roadmaps.

We believe that nurturing up-and-coming projects that are still in the early stages of collaboration is a powerful way to foster grassroots proliferation of blockchain technology. The variety of problems that these grant recipients are working to solve demonstrates the wide range of opportunities made possible by leveraging EOSIO software, and we’re happy to continue supporting companies and projects of all sizes.

Brendan Blumer (CEO of