If you’re part of our Cryptowriter community, you may have noticed our new community header image. We’ve been busy working with an AMAZING artist named Lars Kommienezuspadt developing the concept behind our new brand mascot.

The Narrative

So the story goes… Our brand mascot (let’s call him android for now) has just landed on earth. He comes from a planet similar to earth, but with a civilisation far more advanced. Over time his species has morphed with AI, giving him the ability to consume and store information 1000x faster than us.

Although Android can consume and store data far more efficiently than us, he is still limited by the quality of content he consumes. What good is consuming information 1000x faster if the source of the information is incorrect, misleading or fake?

Surprisingly, his planet has not yet discovered blockchain technology. They became aware of its existence after a Bitcoin private key was broadcast into space by Hal Finney. Our android has travelled to earth on a mission to understand and follow the latest developments in the blockchain and crypto industry.

Follow Android on his journey to discover our blockchain and crypto world, and eventually other genres. Our world truly has a wealth of knowledge waiting to be discovered.

The Artist

We are excited to announce a new member to our team. Lars Kommienezuspadt will be creating artwork and NFTs as well as written content for the Cryptowriter community. He is quite the talent and we are proud to have him join the Writer team. Lars is also the Art Director for EOS Detroit, who have been doing a lot of solid work communicating the EOSIO story through comics, NFT’s and visual art.

The Name

Voice community, we need your help! Our new mascot needs a name. Leave your suggestions in the comments section and if we happen to use the name you suggest, we’ll send you a little something special to say thanks!

This post is published for Cryptowriter in association with Voice.