Dear Crypto Enthusiasts,

Today marks the launch of Cryptowriter, a vibrant network of community-driven crypto publications. 

After launching in November of 2018 and watching it manifest into the leading source of EOSIO news and information, it quickly became evident that no one understands the nuances of a crypto community better than those living and breathing it daily. While most of the major crypto news outlets are outsiders looking in, EOSwriter was exactly the opposite: it was built from passionate community insiders who wanted to play a role in shaping the future of the chain.

We wanted to burst outside of the EOSIO bubble and share these experiences with the other crypto-communities of the world. So we got back to work and began imagining ways to leverage diverse crypto communities into powering a network of crypto publications. On July 22nd, 2019, nearly a year ago today, the idea for Cryptowriter was born. 

In the wash of unexceptional, stuffy, and forced content that floods the majority of crypto media outlets, Cryptowriter shifts the tide by empowering community experts with the freedom to share their remarkable work and biggest ideas. By combining quick-hitting news with a colorful collection of thought-provoking content, Cryptowriter looks to provide a compelling experience that will not only keep readers informed, but will expand their minds in the process. 


Initially, Cryptowriter will feature and develop five communities: 

Cryptowriter (news, top community content, big ideas, weekly features covering popular topics like DeFi, NFTs, TA, etc.)

BTCwriter (Bitcoin news, community insights) 

EOSwriter (EOS news, community insights) 

ETHwriter (Ethereum news, community insights) 

Cryptopopcorn (humor, edgy)

Each of these Cryptowriter communities has a community manager. Acting as a gatekeeper, these managers are responsible for taking a hands on approach to guiding community content and growing their respective communities through communication and social media channels. Cryptowriter will be compensating a selection of managers and authors to provide a first-rate experience for its readers. 

We strongly believe that interoperability between chains and the communities behind those chains are the future, which is why we’ve created an atmosphere where Cryptowriter community managers and content creators are encouraged to work together and build bridges across communities instead of putting up tribalistic walls and creating self-serving echo chambers. With time and demand Cryptowriter looks to expand beyond these five communities to all corners of the cryptosphere. 

Thank you for your support.


Kenny Lienhard, CEO

Sean Ballent, COO

This post is published for Cryptowriter in association with Voice.