We are excited to announce that we have successfully launched the first crypto community on Voice.com. The Cryptowriter Community Publication is now live.

Cryptowriter looks to provide a compelling experience that will not only keep readers informed, but will expand their minds in the process. We believe that interoperability between chains and communities is the future, so we’ve created a framework for building bridges and knocking down the walls of tribalism in the process.

Why should you join our community and invite others to do the same?

We are here to empower community experts from their respective blockchains to share their knowledge with the wider crypto community. For it is these community members, living and breathing the technology each and every day, who possess the most valuable information and insights to pass onto you, the reader.

Huge shout out to our genesis Cryptowriters!

We’re humbled to have such an extraordinarily talented community of crypto writers. In just over 12 weeks they’ve produced over 500 posts, minted 2.8M Voice tokens and captured a total of 460K pageviews. Take a look at some of the talent we’ve managed to on-board so far.

Mark is a Medium top writer for bitcoin and investing topics and publisher of the Crypto Is Easy newsletter. He also contributes commentary for Cryptowriter, Hacker Noon, Blockchain News, CCN, Data-Driven Investor, The Startup, The Innovation, The Capital, and several other publications. He regularly appears among the most-viewed cryptocurrency writers on Quora and a 2020 Noonie award nominee for Independent Tech Journalist of the Year. His books, Consensusland and Bitcoin or Bust: Wall Street’s Entry Into Cryptocurrency, explore the social, cultural, and business challenges of cryptocurrency.

William is a professional writer and editor specializing in the Ethereum, DeFi, and NFT beats. He contributes regularly to DeFi Pulse Farmer and defiprime. He also created the DeFi Arts Intelligencer, a free weekly newsletter covering notable happenings around Ethereum’s culture scene.

Brandon is an artist, activist, and philosopher, with a diverse background including visual arts, blockchain, and writing. He is the author of Blox Populi, a series focused on the intersection of blockchain technology and social impact. He spends his time working to articulate and advocate solutions that can restore balance to our society and our environment.

Jillian was awarded the 2020 Blockchain Journalist of the year by Uptrennd.com (largest blockchain social platform). In September, she was named in the UK Crypto Curry 101 list of women in Blockchain and in October was on the long list of Rising Women in Crypto Power by Wirex and The Fintech Times. In 2019 Jillian was nominated for the national IMRO radio awards for her EastCoastFM Saturday morning show and was awarded the 2019 AI and Blockchain Journalist of the Year at the CC Forum in London.

Jason is Medium top writer in the categories of Bitcoin, Economics and Investing, but he has also contributed to many other publications such as City AM, Decrypt and Forbes. He is the author of the book “How to Explain Bitcoin to your mum” and currently spends a good deal of his time carrying out detailed analytical work on the global development and adoption of Bitcoin through various consultancy roles to industry leading companies. These articles have appeared in news columns around the world in dozens of different languages and been cited by such entrepreneurs as Vinny Lingham and Michael Saylor. Jason is also a Bitcoin miner, podcaster and presenter with his “Bitcoin and Global Finance” podcast available on all leading platforms.

Sylvain is a developer who fell into Bitcoin in 2014. Passionate about Bitcoin and its potential to change the future world regarding money, he has been writing daily about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies since 2017. Sylvain Saurel writes for the publication In Bitcoin We Trust on the Medium platform, and has his own newsletter In Bitcoin We Trust on Substack. He is a Top Writer on Medium and Quora on Bitcoin, but also many other related topics such as investment, finance, politics, international relations, … His articles total more than 30M views online to date. His goal is to help the general public become aware of the importance of the Bitcoin revolution for the future so that everyone can get on board and enjoy it safely. Sylvain Saurel joined the BTCwriter team in July 2020.

Chris is a Forex and Crypto daytrader and routinely covers the subjects of investing psychology, strategy, technical analysis, and more with his “Art of the Chart” series on CryptoWriter. Placing his first ever trade on a small Forex account in 2012, he has nearly a decade of experience in the market, and being passionate about both technology and finance, cryptocurrency came naturally as a next-step. Presently, he has founded a small incubation fund, continues to write on various financial subjects, and also is spending his time rounding out his knowledge on as many financial products as he can while enjoying the freedom he has worked to build.

Dalmas is a seasoned blockchain and cryptocurrency journalist. His work is featured in leading cryptocurrency publications including Investing, NewsBTC, BTCManager, and other top blockchain-centric outlets. With stints working with reputable crypto exchanges, he regularly publishes weekly newsletters for one the leading blockchain investment firms across the United States and Europe.

Anna has been a Crypto enthusiast since 2016. Fascinated by the technology and its use cases she decided to pursue a career in content creation related to the space. The journey has been exciting ever since. She appears daily on thedailychain.com and is a former writer for blockchainreporter.net.

Marco became acquainted with finance and media at a young age. Training clients, employment in Manhattan’s business sector, and a metropolis library inspired a unique vision. Influenced by a growing passion in crypto, he used experience in information science and intelligence gathering to write an aeronautical masters thesis exploring mobile technology and its logistical applications for the Next Generation Air Transportation System. More recently, Marco works with the Project Hope community to help bring crypto to ‘off-radar’ parts of the world. When not writing, you might find Marco trekking over mountains, on his surfboard, motorcycling, or up in the air.

Thomas made his debut on Publish0x and became a top-author there after winning two writing contests, including a first place prize; and is often featured on the front page. Wolf is a STEM undergraduate student with the highest honors in pursuit of a Ph.D. in Biology and a dual major B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Wolf is an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast with hopes to implement blockchain technology into future environmental science research and development, as well as bridge the gap between renewable energy and modern cryptocurrencies.

Thomas has been a Medium top writer in half a dozen subjects including blockchain, finance, books, philosophy, and education. His work has been curated in over a dozen topics, and he is the author of four books. Daniel has demonstrated a high level of competence in technically difficult subjects including whitepapers, patents, and grants, and is the editor of Serious Philosophy. Driven by his own interest, he has worked on problems in medicine, finance, and technology. Now he is specifically interested in the blockchain interoperability problem.

Richard, better known as Ronin The Collector in the NFT space, has been collecting digital collectibles since before blockchain technology was introduced. Starting with Star Wars Card Trader, he spent the next 5 years collecting in every digital collectible app that came across his lap. With over 70k cards in his collection, Richard is an authority in the space. He combines his expertise in digital collectibles with his love for content creation to produce a weekly show, NFTLive, which covers all the news and happenings in the industry. Richard hopes to bring his history in the space and his ability to connect with viewers through his passion to the CryptoWriter team and the VOICE community.

Coming to a chain near you

As demand for specific blockchain related communities grows, Cryptowriter will grow with it, propagating into a diverse network of crypto community publications.

Cryptowriter is leveraging the awesome power of Voice to build the future of crypto community publications.

We welcome you to join us!

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