With Cryptowriter’s second month in the books we wanted to take a moment to reflect, share what we’ve accomplished with your help, and most importantly highlight some of the work from our stellar cast of writers.

What you’ve helped us accomplish

During the month period running from August 15th – September 14th, Cryptowriter content has accounted for:

  • 199 Posts
  • 1,268,059 Winning Voice

Our 27 talented writers have covered a diverse range of topics. Here’s a small sampling of the highlights:

Scott Owen illustrates why enterprise needs to start building their apps on the blockchain.

Sylvain Saurel explains why you must form your own opinion about bitcoin and act accordingly.

Dalmas Ngetich gives an awesome breakdown of Ethereum’s Layer-2 scaling solutions.

Kenny Lienhard takes us on a colorful exploration “Behind the Pixel” with Cryptowriter’s favorite blockchain artist Yusaymon.

Chaney Moore showers us with speculation as he dives deeeeeeep with the EOSwriter feature “Reading Between the Blocks.”

Lead Cryptowriter news writer Ogwu Emmanuel breaks the story on how the Swiss can now pay their health insurance in crypto.

BTCwriter Mark Helfman demonstrates why Bitcoin is already “real money.”

Jillian Godsil tackles ways in which crypto can help the unbanked.

Going Forwarding

Cryptowriter is committed to growing its community of writers and bringing diverse perspectives and engaging content to Voice. We are humbled by your continued support.

This post is published for Cryptowriter in association with Voice.