With Cryptowriter’s first month in the books, we thought it’d be a good time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished, where we are heading, and ask you, the Voice community, what we can do to improve.

What we’ve accomplished

Since our very post on July 24th, Cryptowriter content has accounted for:

  • 140 Posts
  • 1,004,665.8 Winning Voice

Our talented writers have covered a wide range of topics. Here are a few highlights:

Jason Deane explored the future of crypto in Africa.

Jillian Godsil reported on how blockchain technology can help stop human trafficking.

William Peaster wrote about the exploding NFT art scene on Ethereum.

Chris Cooper has taught us Technical Analysis in his bi-monthly feature Art of the Chart.

Nkanyiso Ngwenya keeps us updated on the happenings in the land of EOS with his weekly news roudup.

Going Forward

When we were developing the idea for Cryptowriter we knew that we wanted to create a “community-driven” crypto publication and I feel we are well on our way to doing just that. That being said, there is a question we’re always wrestling with.

How do we get the masses interested in crypto? How do we create content that connects with those outside the cryptosphere?

The majority of today’s crypto publications publish the same stuffy tech, news, and market analysis content day in, and day out. While this is attractive to some, it’s not that interesting to most. Just ask those at your next dinner party if they find any interest in this headline coming out of Cointelegraph:

Charles Hoskinson’s IOHK submitted a decentralized treasury proposal to the Ethereum Classic Community”

Or maybe this recent headline from Coindesk:

“Winklevoss Brothers Say Bitcoin Could Reach $500K as the ‘Only’ Long-Term Inflation Hedge”

These are headlines for community insiders and those in suits. They definitely aren’t headlines written to drive adoption.

I think Cryptowriter has an opportunity and obligation, not just to create content that connects with community insiders, but to create content that connect with the masses. This can be done by focusing on how blockchain can make a real impact on our world. How the technology has the potential to touch people and uplift societies. We look to do this by expanding our team of writers to provide readers with an an amazingly diverse set of perspectives and by creating an atmosphere where writers have the freedom and are encouraged to share their biggest ideas.

How can we be better?

First I just want to thank the Voice community for their incredible support over the last month. The writers are always telling us how awesome it is that this community takes the time to read and engage with their content. It means a lot to us. I’d also like to thank all of our crypto writers for taking a risk with us, their patiene, and their outstanding content.

Voice community, please let us know how we’re doing. Anything you like or don’t like or would like to see less or more of? Do you have any ideas for new features? What can we do to improve our product?

Lastly, if you’re a writer who might be interested in joining our community, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you.

This post is published for Cryptowriter in association with Voice.