Voice Feature Idea: “Discussions”

In this day and age, popular social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook simply aren’t designed for users to have meaningful and well-articulated discussions. Character limits combined with tribalism are a recipe for toxic discourse. Who here hasn’t experienced an argument on social media? A ping pong match of [...]

Cryptowriter – 1st Month Update

With Cryptowriter’s first month in the books, we thought it’d be a good time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished, where we are heading, and ask you, the Voice community, what we can do to improve. What we’ve accomplished Since our very post on July 24th, Cryptowriter content has [...]

Letter From the Co-Founders

Dear Crypto Enthusiasts, Today marks the launch of Cryptowriter, a vibrant network of community-driven crypto publications.  After launching in November of 2018 and watching it manifest into the leading source of EOSIO news and information, it quickly became evident that no one understands the nuances of a crypto [...]

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